Police Officer Joins Civilians For A Prayer Of Peace And Solidarity


This video shows the impromptu prayer of a small group of citizens outside of the Republican National Convention. When the police officer came upon this small group, he joined them in a prayer for peace and solidarity. It is crucial people realize the vast majority of police officers simply want to be able to do their job, which is to protect the lives of citizens. This is the type of thing that will unite the police and citizens if only everyone would get involved!

In a time of aggression and hate, this is the type of video we need to see more of! It is amazing to watch the police and citizens come together, praying for peace and protection for every citizen. After the touching prayer, they all hug one another, proving there does not have to be a divide between us. The police are people just like you and I and they want to get home safely to those they love! Check out this awesome video and Please SHARE on Facebook.