Police Officer and Young Boy Find a Unique Friendship Through the Love of French Fries


In this video, you will hear the story of Kristen Lawrence and her three-year-old son who were on their way to a delicious lunch that included her son’s favorite curly fries. When they were stopped at a routine driver’s license check, the young boy made sure to tell the officer where he was heading. When the captain asked the boy to bring him back some curly fries, he was only kidding. Little did he know the little one took him seriously!

As his Mom purchased their food, the little boy insisted on purchasing fries for his policeman friend. When they delivered the fries, the officer could not believe the kindness being shown to him! To honor the two, the police paid for Kristen and her son to eat at Arby’s and awarded him with the honor of being a junior police officer. This is one memory the little guy is sure to never forget! As you watch this endearing video, Please SHARE on Facebook so the world can honor police officers like Captain Fettner.

Gary Moleman