Police Officer’s Dash Cam Shows Harrowing CPR Rescue Of Three-Year-Old Boy


When the three-year-old little boy in this video stopped breathing, his parents frantically called 911. Officer Chase was the first on the scene and it is his dash cam that you will be viewing when you see this video. Chase quickly rushed over to the little boy and began performing life-saving CPR. Later in the video, Officer Chase was awarded for his heroic efforts that saved this little boy’s life.

Thankfully, the little boy survived and was able to be a part of the honor ceremony that awarded this officer. With so much talk about bad police officers, it is important we all remember the vast majority of them are doing their job and do all they can to protect innocent lives. Make sure you watch this entire video so you can honor this officer who did his job and made sure this little boy was breathing again. Enjoy and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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