This Pooch Just Might Be The Largest In The World!


In this video, you will a find a dog that is larger than life! This super huge canine is much larger than even his owner who is 5 feet 9 inches tall. When this Mastiff stretches out, he is an amazing 8 feet 2 inches tall! The pooch weighs in at 260 pounds and his owners believe he just might be the largest dog in the world. When the dog wants to get a drink of water he does not go to his water bowl like most animals, instead he drinks out of the sink.

Krue is a gentle giant that simply loves to hang out with his family. In the video, you will see him laying around on the sofa and walking around the house while his family makes room for him. Many people might be afraid of Krue, but he would not hurt a flea. That’s how gentle this super big pooch is.

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