Pope Francis’ Revelation about Dogs Shocks the Catholic Church!


Giving hope to single parents, those that believe in the big bang theory, homosexuals and unmarried couples is what has always been associated Pope Francis.  Recently he came up with a unique revelation that ended up shocking the Catholic Church’s conservatives.

He recently comforted a young boy who was mourning his dog’s death. What this 77-years old pope did ended up giving hope to these world’s animals. He consoled the boy by telling him that there was hope of re-uniting with his dog in Christ’s eternity since all creatures belong to God. As revealed by the Vatican, the boy was assured by Pope Francis of meeting with his pet again.

Though he did that, it is not clear if he meant to change Catholic’s conservative theology or wanted to ease the boy’s pain since it is stated by the bible that since animals do not have souls, they will not go to heaven. All in all, the statement has caused some stir within the theologians and animal activists.

Challenging him they can, but like the little boy, animals lovers like me have been given some hope from the beloved words of Pope Francis.

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