Did the Popular Fit-Bit Wristband Really Save a Man’s Life After Suffering From a Seizure?


Fit-Bit wristbands have become increasingly popular among those who are attempting to monitor their physical activity for better health and weight loss. When this man’s wife bought him a Fit-Bit for his Christmas present, she had no idea it would later save his life. This video will tell you the story of how a high school teacher was saved by the data stored on his Fit-Bit wristband.

When Jeff Bravo had a seizure while at school, his heart rate shot extremely high. Doctors were concerned because they did not know how long his heart had been acting erratically so they could know what form of treatment was safe to use. Thankfully, his Fit-Bit had stored information on his heart rate all day long so doctors could pinpoint the heart event and take appropriate action. Jeff, his family, and even his doctors credit this wristband with saving his life. Now, he never leaves home without it! After you have watched this miraculous video, Please SHARE on Facebook to inform others.

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