A Powerful Speech Despite Grief


In this inspiring video, news reporters on American Express TV give a segment of Monty William’s moving and powerful speech.
His wife died in a tragic road accident and they had 5 kids together.
Monty Williams begins by stating that the death of his wife is hard for the family but things will work out because God causes things to work out. He adds that you can’t just quit.
Monty quotes the Bible by saying that satan came to steal, kill and destroy.
He continues that no matter the situation, what they need is the Lord. He points out that that is what his wife exhibited every single day. He believes in the saying’’ We will serve the Lord’’.
Monty encourages mourners whom he refers to as brothers united in unity to pray for the family because of the grief.

He believes that his wife is in heaven and that God loves them because God is love. He encourages people that when they walk away, they should celebrate because his wife is where they all need to be. Interestingly, he says he is envious of that.
He thanks the people for taking time to celebrate his wife and tells that that he loves them.
Finally, Monty admits that he will miss holding his wife’s hand and talking to her.