Powerful Television Advertisement Delivers an Important Message on Road Safety


Avoiding distractions and driving on the roads safely is difficult enough as it is, never mind with the added worry of having your children in the back. But whatever you do when you’re driving, don’t look back. The RSA claims that driving with a child in the car is up to 12 times more distracting than it is when you are driving alone.

This video gives the watcher a truly harrowing experience about what can happen when it all goes wrong on the roads. The video shows all the things that a person may enjoy in their life, but when the scene flashes back to the present day, the driver, who is looking behind them, is about to get hit in a terrible crash.

Hopefully this video has shocked you on road safety and will encourage you to be extra careful when driving, especially when your children are accompanying you. Please SHARE this video on Facebook.

RSA Ireland