This Precious Dog Does Not Want to Be in Competition With Anyone for Her Owner’s Attention!


This adorable video will make you smile from the very beginning! It seems Mom has her hands full with a lamb and kitty but her dog will not sit idly by without getting some attention of her own. As they are sitting watching TV, this sweet dog begs attention from her master. As she paws her and gets up close and personal, it is clear to see this pooch wants to be loved just like the others are but there is simply no more lap room.

As you watch these adorable cuties, there is no way you will be able to avoid smiling. The adorable antics of this dog will have you in stitches as she works to ensure her owner knows she is there and needs love and attention just like the others. Animal lovers will adore this video and you are sure to want to watch it several times. Please SHARE on Facebook for your friends to see!