Precious Five-Year-Old Little Girl Asks Officers If She Can Pray With Them


When a couple of officers took a break so they could enjoy a meal at a restaurant, they were soon stopped by a special guest who had a request for them. Little five-year-old Chloe asked the officers if she could please pray with them before they ate their meal. Of course, the officers agreed. Who could say no to such a sweet request from such an adorable little girl! Taking both of the officer’s hands, this little one bowed her head and prayed for the officers, touching them deep within their hearts.

When you see a video like this one, it reminds you there is still good in the world! Outside of all of the tragedy and heartache, there is still a purpose and a plan. This little girl showed love and respect in her request. The officers gave her back just as much, letting her know how much her prayer meant to them. If you think this moment is special, Please SHARE on Facebook.