They Were Prepared For A Dead Dog, What They Found Was Completely The Opposite…Watch!


The dog you are about to meet is called Hope. She lived with an owner who never cared for her. Imagine she could stay hungry even when she was pregnant. Despite that, she managed to give birth to 8 puppies – 3 of them were girls while the rest were boys. unfortunately, one of the boys was not strong enough and died.

One day, Hope left home to go and search for food and by bad luck, a car hit her. When that happened, her owners thought she was dead and they called Animal Control to take away the dead animal and the puppies. They never knew that the dog was in a coma as a result of the serious head injury. When they realized she was alive, she was taken to the vet and that was her life’s turning point.

Hope is now a happy dog and love that she was given another lease of life. Please watch the clip below and SHARE will all on Facebook if you felt touched!