Prison Inmate’s Tragic Reflection Warns Against Drunk Driving


Everyone knows it’s dangerous to drink and drive; however, many think of a drunk driving accident as something that happens to “the other guy”. To help drinkers consider the risk before they get behind the wheel drunk, 26 year old Kris Caudillo makes a plea in a public service announcement to warn others not to make his mistake.

Caudillo was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the killing of a St. John’s County, FL Deputy. This police officer he killed was a husband and a father of four children. Mr. Caudillo uses his regretful experience to warn others who think they are “just fine to drive” that it is not worth the risk. Kris is serving his time at a Lake Butler, FL Correctional Facility and says there is not a day that goes by that he does not regret his fatal mistake. So the obvious question he asks bar patrons from his side of the mirror is “Should you be driving tonight?”

Always arrange a cab or a designated driver if you will be consuming alcohol, or impaired in any way. You never know how much is “too much”, when you get on the road.


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