ProdiJIG Delivers With Brilliant New Music Video


An up and coming group, many people were intrigued to see what ProdiJIG would come up with next and they have certainly delivered with their superb new music video.

The music is classy and not overdone like so much of today’s modern music is. We get to hear the sound and full potential of some brilliant musical instruments. The song has a typical Irish theme jig which consists of an upbeat tempo that just makes you want to get up and dance. The song is called ‘Revolution’, and we can’t help but agree that it would be if this sort of music makes it back to mainstream audiences.

The video gives a visual insight into the group’s musical talents, and the dance moves on show are pretty impressive too. It is safe to say that if you went to see Prodijig perform live, you would definitely leave entertained.Please SHARE  this video on Facebook.

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