Proof that Pugs Can be Even More Adorable


Many of the animal videos on Youtube can be cute enough to become nearly addictive. This video of a pug at bedtime may be one of the cutest animal videos that anyone will ever find on Youtube. It features Doug the Pug. Pugs are considered almost inherently cute despite their odd features, given their large eyes and heads and small bodies.

Dogs that are sleeping or ready to go to sleep seem even cuter. Doug the Pug is also wrapped in blankets and resting on a stuffed animal, which only makes the video even cuter. Of course, the song is what really brings the cuteness to a whole new level. It’s a sweet lullaby that’s being performed by a child singer who has a very high-pitched voice and sings the song in an adorably awkward manner. The combination of all of these cute factors is the sort of thing that will make this video especially addictive. It’s a video that people will rate highly on Facebook.