These Protesters Are Really Mad And They Are Letting The World Know!


When you see how outraged these protesters are, it will really make you take notice. During this video, you will witness a large gathering in front of the Detroit Animal Control facility. This group of protesters is made up of mainly animal rights groups that rescue dogs and cats. They are protesting because of the ill treatment of dogs at the hands of the Detroit Animal Control office.

One protester had her dog impounded by Detroit Animal Control and he died while in their care. A perfectly healthy dog, the harmless animal was mistreated and died as a result of a crushed trachea and another illness. There are many people who have stories of their pets being killed by the workers at the shelter and all of them want answers.
They are really mad and they all have a good reason to be. Make sure to SHARE this video on Facebook to help spread their message!

World Animal Awareness Society