Pugsteps Video


There are now many crazy videos on the Internet that involve dogs and other pets doing funny things. These are often very popular as they show pets doing things that they wouldn’t normally do.

A new trend in these videos include animals making their way up stair cases in funny ways.

This video is equally funny and is called pug steps.

The video shows a small pug as it decides to make its way up a staircase but in the reverse direction. The result is a exciting and slippery climb for the pug who seems to try very hard when climbing the steps backwards, so as not to slip down the stairs. The pug makes its way to the top but has a slippery moment as it gets to the top step.

This is an extremely funny video and can be enjoyed over and over again by those who like animal videos that are quick and funny. If you would like to watch the video simply click the link and enjoy the comedy.