The puppies in the video are newborn. The camera gave us an opportunity to watch.

In this universe, a newborn is very cute. Even though they may appear tiny or small, whether human or animal, these newborns are very cute and have instant smiles for people like us. They are also a sign of beauty as well as new life which can make any human being happy.

Through the video, we get an opportunity of watching the first weeks of new born puppies. In the video, puppies crowd together as a group and we get to see that they are not in a position to see clearly. At the same time, they might not be in a position to hear. As we continue watching, we see how these puppies get to make their first unstable steps. With time they acquire their voices and we also see how their mother takes good care of them.


These puppies grow quickly, become independent and begin to move around the house. More so, they interact with a kid and get to make use of pee pads. Wealso see how they feel attached to their mother. This video is really interesting since it makes us develop a lighthearted feeling.
Anyone can now raise up a hand to if you want to follow and see how these puppies grow.

Kindly share this awesome clip with all puppy loving folks. It is quite an amazing video.

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