Starving Dog Gets Rescued After Found Begging For Scraps


The Web is surrounded by a video from California, in which good people rescued an abandoned puppy. He was wandering around the parking lot near Starbuck’s, looking for food.

Because the puppy was there all day, employees called the Hope For Paws Volunteer Association for help.

When Eldad Hagar of Hope For Paws arrived at the place where the puppy was located, the animal was first offered food. The puppy immediately came to him, and Eldad gained his confidence.

He mounted a lucky leash around his neck and walked to the car where he wanted to check the dog’s chip. It turned out that the puppy did not have a chip, so he asked many users online for advice on the name.

The puppy was named Bean, and now Hope For Paws is waiting for suitable adopters. Bean gets along well with people and other puppies, and a video of his rescue has touched many online!

Source: klipland