Put an Old Towel to Good Use, Make a Mat


Instead of throwing an old towel away there is a new use for them. These towel can be turned into bathroom rugs.
The towels are cut in half and then into strips. The strips and then sewn together at the top and than they are braided. This method works best using three long strips of the towel at a time. Once a person has a long rope t they can twirl it into a circle.

At the end the towel is sown together to keep it closed. Within a matter of minutes a person can have a great mat to use in the bathroom and other rooms in the house. Since towels are used to absorb water these mats will too. Instead of throwing out a towel that has been used it can now be repurposed. This craft is good for the environment since it reduced waste. It is also good for the wallet since a person will not have to purchase another mat. Please SHARE in Facebook

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