A Quick and Easy Way to Cut Cherry Tomatoes


This video is a how to video, which teaches you how to cut cherry tomatoes.

It can be difficult to cut cherry tomatoes, as they are small and could easily cause the would-be cook to accidentally cut themselves.

Another potential issue one faces is squeezing out all of the juices from the tomato. This cooking hack involves placing your tomatoes on a plate, then taking another plate, turning it upside down and placing it on top of the plate with the tomatoes.

There should be a gap between the two plates. Following this positioning, take a sharp knife and run it between the two plates.

After removing the plates, you should find the tomatoes cut neatly in half. This cooking hack will provide you a surefire way to cut several cherry tomatoes at once without all the hassle.

At the end of the video, the voice encourages the would-be cooks to stay safe, a subtle reminder that they are working with sharp instruments.