A Quick and Efficient Explanation for Why People Should Not Use Cotton Swabs on Their Ears


Many people all around the world are under the impression that using cotton swabs is a good idea and that they’re going to need to dig the wax out of their ears. However, this video explains all of the reasons why this is actually a bad idea in most cases. The video references an expert on the ear, nose, and throat, and provides a lot of coherent reasons for why using cotton swabs in the ear is a bad idea.

For one thing, ear wax is beneficial. It offers the ear protection. Cotton swabs can potentially damage the ear drum or force wax further into the ear, making the situation much worse. Lots of people do unhealthy things thinking that they’re doing something healthy, and videos like this can help them. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it provides important advice and information for a lot of people.


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