A Quick-Thinking Convenience Store Clerk Takes Hold of a Baby Before The Mother Has a Seisure


Lots of the worst disasters are preventable if the people in question are able to respond to them quickly enough. In this video, a convenience store clerk is having a conversation with a mother who has a baby with her. The clerk immediately notices that something is wrong with the mother, who appears to be drifting. The clerk continues to ask if the mother is okay while preemptively getting hold of the baby before something really bad happens.

The clerk successfully gets hold of the baby before the mother collapses and starts seizing. Other customers then helped out, stopping a bad situation from becoming a terrible one. The story is told by the clerk, and shown using the security camera footage. People should please SHARE¬†this video on Facebook, since it helps to illustrate the importance of quick thinking and trusting one’s suspicions, and it also manages to show everyday heroism.

Associated Press