Rafael Nadal Stops The Tennis Match He Is Playing In When He Sees Frantic Mom Looking For Her Child


Rafael Nadal is truly a champion, both on and off the court! When he was playing a recent exhibition match against John McEnroe, he saw a commotion going on in the audience and began to look to see what was going on. As you watch the video, you will see he stops the tennis match and watches as a frantic mother is trying to find her lost toddler. She had somehow wandered away and the mom was in tears.

With the help of the crowd, the little girl was found and reunited with her mom, both of them in tears. What an amazing athlete to take the time to make sure a little girl was found instead of continuing on with his tennis match! When you see the little girl reunited with her mom, it will bring tears to your eyes. Watch this super-touching video and please SHARE on Facebook to spread the word about Rafael’s kindness.

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