What happened that day at the Piccadilly Circus in London, no one in the crowd will ever forget it. Commuters passed by the intersections without giving attention to the man in the checkered coat. Standing next to a guitar player, he was ready to do what he used to do thousands of times before – Holding a mic. But nobody knew who was that mysterious man, and they didn’t take much notice of him until his voice was heard loud and clear. And with a voice like this famous singer’s, there was no mistaking it.


Belting out his hit song “Handbags and Gladrags,” the crowd immediately stops after recognizing Rod Stewart himself. He smiled as he saw people’s reactions after catching on to what was happening. This popular singer was simply doing what he does best, But this time is quite different. He may be used to thousands of adoring fans filling a concert hall, but he actually looks like he’s enjoying this just as much.


With the sound of Rod Stewart’s signature raspy voice, it would be hard not to instantly stop what you were doing and gather around the crowd. This isn’t the first time a celebrity or famous musician has been spotted in Piccadilly Circus, but this one was special. With years and years of performance experience, Rod Stewart interacts with the crowd as if he knows them. The whole corner was filled with applause by the time he was done singing. Watch this surprise street performance below!

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