Man Scares Random Passers-By With Hilarious Gravity Box Prank


Another prank landed online, in which the author pranked few random strangers on an escalator.

He perfectly overturned few cardboard boxes on strangers, but the boxes were however attached to each other so that they never really fell.

Vino Song has uploaded a hilarious video on his Youtube channel in which laughter is not lacking. In the video we can see a simple prank in which Vino scared random strangers with the help of cardboard boxes.

The boxes were connected together so they never fell to the ground or on any passers-by. That’s why victim’s reactions were so much better!

Take a look at the fresh prank that surrounds the world these days. To date, the video has garnered over half a million views, and laughter in the video is not missing thanks to random strangers’ reactions!

Source: KlipLand