Randy Travis Amazes His Fans With Performance Of “Amazing Grace” After His Stroke

Randy Travis suffered a massive stroke in 2013 and it brought his career to a standstill. Now three years later, he has not been able to perform because his voice continues to shake and he has trouble with his cognitive responses. In this video, he is standing before his fans, with his wife there as a support. For the first time since his major stroke, he was able to stand up and sing “Amazing Grace” for his beloved fans.

This video will deeply touch your heart because he worked so hard to be able to perform. Although it was truly difficult for him, the gleam is still in his eyes and that old voice is still there, even though it quivers with weakness. If you are a Randy Travis fan, this video will delight you and make you realize all he has been through over the years. Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

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