A Rare Glimpse Of Nature As These Friends Get To See Sharks In A Feeding Frenzy


While most of us get a glimpse of the deadly shark on NatGeo, this bunch of friends got a rare opportunity to see the beast of the ocean with their bare eyes just a foot away. What’s even more exciting for these guys is that, they got to see the sharks in the hunt as they went on a feeding frenzy right at the shores in one of the beaches in North Carolina.

They are lucky to witness the sharks in action during their signature hunting expedition when they chase prey right to the shores before making an ambush when they are most vulnerable.

With the raging waves, the situation is just as dangerous to the sharks as they risk being thrown off shore where they will definitely die without water. As much as this is nature at its best, this video will still give you chills imagining that these sharks are this close to the shores where we all go to kill the warm afternoons.
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Brian Recker