Rare Performance of Glen Campbell Singing “I Will Never Pass This Way Again”


Glen Campbell has always been a beloved performer in the country music industry. This Rhinestone Cowboy has always been able to capture the interest of his audience from the very moment he took to the stage. This video showcases a performance from April 1973 where he perfectly belted out I Will Never Pass This Way Again. If you love Glen Campbell or have yet to discover his music, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy this classic video.

Watching this video will bring back the music that we all used to love to hear. Back then, songs truly had meaning and touched the heart! Glen Campbell is a consummate performer who was able to continue performing for his many fans for years until Alzheimer’s made it impossible. As the world honors this classic performer, it is good to see videos like this popping up and reminding us just how wonderful he truly was! After you have enjoyed this beautiful performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so others can too!