A Rare Video Of A Baby Elephant Playing In A Cornfield Next To Five Adult Elephants



This video shows a baby elephant playing around in an open field surrounded by a big cornfield. It is a rare moment for most people know about the violent nature of one of the biggest mammals on land, but this is exactly the opposite of that. At first, the baby elephant plays with the corn, but it seems more interested in climbing on and off a big log. The baby runs around, climbs the log, falls over to the other side, runs aimlessly round the field and gets back to the log again.

In the same field there are also five adult elephants feeding and they don’t even seem to be bothered by the hysterical nature of the baby elephant. The amazing thing is, these elephants actually seem to be domesticated as you can see two men watching over them. It is just rare to see a group of five calm and composed elephants feeding on corn stalks while their baby runs around having fun.

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