Real Love Always Stands Strong


Real love always stands strong, and this video, which has been viewed by more than 370,000 individuals in just a couple of days, can attest this.

In this video you will witness how a couple reunites in Walmart on Valentine’s Day after forty-three long years. This couple met in Germany and were together for only twelve years, as they opted for divorce. Since they have three children, they have always been in contact with one another.

The gentleman decided to depart Tennessee and make his way to Arkansas which is where his ex-lady resides and works. It seems that he just couldn’t be without his love any longer, because on Valentine’s Day of this year, he decided to go to Walmart–which is the store that she works in–in order to propose to her again.

This video is very sweet. It shows that love never dies no matter how many years have passed. Watch this video so you can witness their love story, and share it with your friends on Facebook.