Reba McEntire Sounds Better Than Ever Before While Singing At Cracker Barrel


This video was filmed inside the Cracker Barrell Museum which holds all of the antique treasures they display in their stores located all across the United States. She has donated some items to be held there and they asked her to perform a couple of her greatest hits. Reba let her fans choose what she sang and they first chose “One Promise to Make”. She also performs a Christmas hit called, “Our Candy Christmas”.

If you are a fan of Reba McEntire, you are not going to want to miss this down-home performance that was recorded live with no editing. Reba is amazed people still love to hear the music she recorded so many years ago. She is a truly talented lady and full of class! This is why she has been a recording artist for around forty years now. Once you have enjoyed this amazing performance, Please SHARE on Facebook so other fans can enjoy.

Reba McEntire
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