A Recording of the First Appearance of Elvis Presley on the CBS Stage Show in the Year 1956


Elvis Presley is one of the most famous people who ever lived today. Even the people who are not fans of him have still heard of him, even long after his death, and they can still appreciate the tremendous legacy that he did have. As this clip demonstrates, there was a time in which he was just starting out in his truly famous and iconic music career.

There was also a time when Elvis was young enough to be referred to as a ‘young fellow’ in the parlance of the day. This clip manages to illustrate the history of television, the nature of black and white television, aspects of the culture of the 1950’s, and many more things in just a few minutes. People should please SHARE¬†this video on Facebook, since it is one of the most interesting vintage videos that people are likely to see in a while, and it manages to say a lot.



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