Redneck Trucker Refuses To Let A Woman Driver Cut In Front Of Him!


This video shows the dashcam footage of a truck driver who was happily riding along, minding his own business when out of the blue, a woman driver tried to cut right in front of him. This footage is shocking to see because the woman driver is insistent she cuts in, even though she does not have the right to do so. It ends up costing her dearly but thankfully, she was not harmed and neither was the truck driver!

You will need to watch this entire video to see the action that unfolds. When the driver cuts in front of the truck driver, she then gets pinned between two trucks which causes major damage to her vehicle. She is very lucky to be alive! Who do you think is to blame for this accident? Many people believe it is the woman driver but you will have to watch the video to be the judge. Make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.