The Remarkable Training that Goes Into Equestrian Athletics


Equestrian athletics are extremely niche these days, but a lot of people will be interested to see these talented and dedicated horses in action. Horses themselves are powerful and charismatic animals. Seeing them perform in almost any way is going to be impressive.

This video of training clips almost seems to take the form of a montage. There is some background music throughout the video that serves to heighten the emotional effects of the video, adding more context to everything that appears on screen and enhancing the emotional tension. Viewers will see the horses perform various activities, seeing what all of these horses are capable of very quickly. They will get a sense of the horses’ journeys throughout the video. Animal videos are common on YouTube, but they don’t typically involve athletic or working animals. People on Facebook will find that this video is a remarkable change from the typical sedate animal video on YouTube.

Kate Wiltshire