The Rescue of a Small Dog Who Could Have Been Lost At Sea Forever


This video has a chaotic feel to it, which is appropriate for the situation. It takes place at the site of a boat that’s out on the water. The passengers are distracted by something, and it becomes clear that a dog has been lost to the water and is swimming around, desperately trying to dog-paddle in order to stay afloat. Everyone on board is getting emotional about it, and the camera focuses on the dog’s desperate attempts to avoid drowning.

Fortunately, a video that could have had a tragic ending has a happy one instead. The dog eventually gets close enough to be pulled on board the boat again. The owners cradle the dog, and are thrilled to have their faithful friend back. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it illustrates the accidents that can happen at sea, but also some of the solutions to the related problems.

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