Rescueing Animals No Matter Where They Are


It doesn’t matter where you live or in what country you might be in, there will always be pets and animals around. And that being said sometimes those animals might need a little help if they get stuck, trapped or just need a rescue. This video brought to you by Animal Aid shows the rescue of a young dog.

This poor dog got himself caught in a fence and is unable to move or get out of the fence. The lady taking the video speaks English so you can understand what it going on.

The video has been edited so it is just over three minutes but you can tell the entire video at one point was much longer as it showed the trip to rescue the poor dog.

Sure enough when they arrive the poor animal has been lodged in this fence for a while and poorly taken care of.

The handlers quickly get him out and load him in the rescue truck. He gets treatment and an update is shown at the end of the video. Good job to Animal Aid as they rescued another dog.

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