Retired Soldier Meets The Young Woman He Saved When She Was A Baby


This video is one of those feel-good videos you love seeing. The retired Army officer featured in this story was once in charge of border patrol. When a woman from Iraq got on Saddam Hussein’s hit list, she was able to flee to America so she and her newborn daughter could be safe. At the border, this Army officer checked the list and the woman’s name was on it but not her baby’s!

Thankfully, he was a quick thinker and was able to convince others the baby was his. This allowed the mother to come into America and protect herself and her baby and they have been living in the United States since then. In this video, this retired officer received an invitation to come to the graduation of this girl, now eighteen years old. This heartwarming story was made possible because this officer did the right thing. Watch this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook.