Reunited After 65 Years of Being Lost


When you are a child and you find out that you were adopted, you can be in for quite a shock. While you love the parents that have raised you, you will always be wondering who your birth parents really were. For 40 years Fred has been searching for his birth mother that gave him up for adoption as she was just a teenager at the time. He always hit a wall and never seemed to get anywhere in his search though.

Then through Facebook he gets a message that opens up the door for him, as it happens to be his sister, a sister he never knew he had. Their mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home, but she had been holding a secret for over 65 years that nobody in the entire family even knew about. In 1935 things such as a teenager getting pregnant didn’t happen often, and when and if they did, it was never talked about. In this case the poor girl had been raped, and as a result was pregnant with child. Her parents made her give him up, leading us back to the beginning.

This video is of a news broadcast that tells the entire story of the secret and how they managed to find each other after all this time. It is a heartwarming tale that tells you not to give up when you are searching for someone.