A Revolutionary New Suitcase That Turns Into a Shelf


Many travelers have experienced the frustrations of having to live out of their suitcases. They more or less have to unload their clothes on their beds or on the floor in some cases, and they won’t always have a good place in a given hotel room to store their clothes. Clothes can get wrinkled when they are left in a suitcase for too long. The suitcase portrayed in this video may make all of those concerns a thing of the past.

This suitcase has a feature that can turn into a makeshift shelf. People are essentially carrying around their own portable shelves when they use suitcases like these, which should make their traveling lives that much easier. It’s also just a cool feature to use, given the novelty of it. People on Facebook will watch this video and want to buy suitcases like this themselves, or they may just like the video.

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