This Rich Homemade Cherry 7-Up Cake Combines The Best Of Flavors


If you love cherries and the flavors of lemon and lime, this is a perfect cake for you to try this summer. The ingredients are simple but the flavor is intense. In this video, you will learn all of the ingredients you will need for this cake, along with the techniques to put it together. As Rosie says in the video, it is important to have all of your ingredients at room temperature so the cake will mix together nicely. Seeing the end result covered in fresh fruit may be more enticing than you can handle!

This recipe uses butter, sugar, cherry juice, chopped cherries, and lime and lemon zest. On top of this moist delicious cake, you will pour a decadent Cherry 7-Up glaze. This makes the entire cake so moist and delicious. To add a special touch, you can top the cake with fresh cherries and lime and lemon wedges. Check out this awesome video and Please SHARE on Facebook.