Rob Lowe and Ellen Share an Unexpected Kiss as He Discusses His Book, “Love Life”


This Ellen show segment is not going to go as you expect! Rob Lowe has come to talk to Ellen about his new book, Love Life. In this video, he discusses his romantic flings throughout the years, even sharing an encounter he had with Madonna where she wanted him to come dancing with her and he did not have the guts. You will laugh when he begins describing how Jewel did not want to kiss him in their romantic scene. To prove his point, he enlists the help of Ellen and things get quite steamy between the two!

Rob asks Ellen to pretend she is him and he pretends to be Jewel. Soon, Ellen has him bent back in a romantic kiss and Rob protests like Jewel did, then wiping the kiss away with the back of his hand. Although we all know nothing romantic can exist between these two, Rob says Ellen’s kiss was amazing! If you enjoyed this unexpected surprise, Please SHARE on Facebook so all can enjoy the video.