The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Demonstration Seeks to Make Sure the Fallen are Never Forgotten


This video shows The Rolling Thunder demonstration that took place in May of 2014. At the Vietnam Memorial site, the fallen are honored for giving their all to ensure the freedom of United States citizens. As you watch this touching video, your heart will swell with pride at seeing the dog tags, photos, and memorabilia of all the fallen soldiers. It is crucial these people are never forgotten for their sacrifice allows us the great freedoms we enjoy today. This video needs to be watched by people of all ages to ensure all future generations continue to respect these fallen men and women so we never forget where we came from!

This touching video will likely bring out deep emotion from your heart. It is so difficult to see the many names of those who died defending our freedom, something we so often take for granted! This video should be spread across America to ensure freedom always rings. Watch and then Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy!

Douglas Peifer