Rottweiler Dog Shows Amazing Loyalty to Her Owner


In this video, a rottweiler dog named Ella shows just how strong the loyalty between a dog and their owner can be.

The dog – which initially appeared to be a stray – was found by the side of the road, however, the lady who found Ella was convinced that their was more to the story, and set out on a quest to work out what had happened.

She returned to the location where Ella was found, discovering broken glass and a tail light, indicative of a car crash. Strangely, she also came across a variety of household items which looked to have been gathered up by the dog, including a candle with the name “Michelle” on it.

The lady remembered that a couple of weeks earlier she saw a horrific car crash at the same place. Inquisitive, she rang up highway patrol to find out more information about the accident, and found out that one of the people in the accident was called Michelle. Ella, who had been left to scavenge for food after the crash, had been collecting all of the items she could find which had the scent of her owners.

Incredibly, there was a happy ending too. Despite the devastating crash, all of the family survived, but assumed Ella the dog must have perished. The final moments show Ella being reunited with her family Please SHARE this video on Facebook.