The Royce Twins Auditions Performance In The X-Factor Australia 2013


You might forget the Australia X-Factor auditions back in 2013, but you can never forget the Royce twins, Gabriel and Michael. The video begins with the pre-audition interview backstage, where the twins are in the company of their sister and foster dad. It is emotional at first when they talk about the death of both their parents when they were still young and their life as orphans. Their chemistry as twins is just amazing, given the way they finish each others sentences and say the same thing at the same time.

When they get to sing, their voices make the girls go crazy and they scream uncontrollably. They perform ‘I won’t give up’ by Jason Mraz and their diction, tone and everything you want to mention are just on point. The song is not originally a duet, but how they manage to make it one is just amazing and they are very talented. The judges are left in awe and it is a great performance.

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