Rubbernecking Ends in Disaster – Sacramento, CA


In this terrible incident, motorists on the I-80 in Sacramento caused a multiple vehicle collision when rubbernecking. Rubbernecking is the act of driving dangerously while viewing the result of a different collision on the other side of the guard rail.

Watch incredulously as things go from bad to worse as several vehicles collide, causing more accidents and damage on the I-80.

Four vehicles are involved, and plenty of lives are put at risk.

Let this be a public service announcement to not get preoccupied when on the road. Rubbernecking puts more lives in danger than are necessary.

It’s not worth it to watch curiously as other people are going about their business. Keep your eyes on the road, or next time, this could be you and your loved ones at risk. If you like this video, please, spread the word on the dangers of rubbernecking, and this video, to all your facebook friends.

And remember, be safe out there. Don’t rubberneck.
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