Rudy the Rescue Dog Living the Good Life in the Tub


Right now this puppy Rudy is living the good life. He got a little dirty so this dog was given a bath in the sink. He is in the sink and has lots of bubbles surrounding him. He seems to love every minute of it. Rudy is also being fed treats by hand from his human. He looks so comfortable in his bath that he can fall asleep at every minute.

Before his bath Rudy was not living a good life. He was left in a plastic bucket alone in New York City. This poor guy was close to death when he was discovered alone, in poor health , and scared. He had to be rescued and was able to find a family to love him. While things started out tough for Rudy that sure gave gotten better.

After being fed his treats Rudy is ready to take a nap in the tub and closes his eyes. Please SHARE in Facebook.

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