RUFF LIFE by Arthur Yoria – Adopting a Stray Dog


The bond between a man and a dog is very special one. Dogs are known for their unparalleled love and loyalty towards its master. Yet, did you know that thousands dogs roam around the streets of America with no one to take care of them?

The video shows the touching story of the rescue of a stray dog named Rita, from the streets. Made by the channel World Animal Awareness Society, the video highlights the plight of stray animals and motivates people to adopt them. From being covered in fleas to getting a whole new life, Rita’s is one dog who found a new home. The question is, what about the others?

The music in the video complements the positive message it propagates. The moment the musician rubs his nose with the dog is sure to raise your goose-bumps. The video helps inspire you to do your part for animal adoption, showing you how even stray dogs have a heart of gold.

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World Animal Awareness Society