Running Wild: the Life of Dayton O. Hyde Official Trailer 1


The Life of Dayton O. Hyde, released in 2013, is a documentary about the life of him whom scientists have dubbed “the most dangerous man in conservation.” A trailer video, available for viewing on YouTube shows the 88-year old conservation writer talking about how as a youth, he had wanted to be a cowboy (born in Michigan, he did work on his uncle’s ranch when he was thirteen), but — being ever eager for adventure, he boarded a freight train and headed out west.

Hyde starting taking photographs; at this point, several of the pictures that he took of rodeos appear on the screen in rapid succession, including one of an impressively huge bull that he says he took for Life magazine. With every book that he has ever written, Hyde relives those events.

In the next scene, we see the author at a book signing, with the owner of the book telling him that she is such a horse person. This is a really moving video.