Russian Diver Pays Indonesian Fisherman To Release Baby Shark He Caught


This video shows the interaction between a group of Indonesian fishermen and a Russian diver. When the fishermen caught a baby whale shark, they eagerly pulled it to the shore and began taking photos with it. Some children stood on its back as if it was a surfboard. When the Russian diver saw all of the events unfolding, he went and found an interpreter on the beach so he could negotiate with the fishermen so the whale shark could be released. Thankfully, the two agreed on a price and the poor creature was let back into the water.

It is amazing to see the whale shark being able to go free and swim away. Hopefully, he will be able to stay far away from shore so he does not get caught on the fishermen’s line again. This Russian had to pay out of his own pocket but he has the satisfaction of knowing he saved the life of this beautiful creature. Check out the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.