A Russian Orphan Gets Cured of a Horrible Birth Defect and Is Then Adopted By a Kind Nurse


Children who are born with very debilitating birth defects rarely get anything resembling happy endings, but Yuri’s story actually does have the sort of ending that people would normally expect in a movie script. He would surely have died from this terrifying birth defect if he did not receive the appropriate treatment at the right time.

He was taken to a hospital that was equipped to meet his needs. Despite the tremendous risks involved, Yuri managed to recover from the terrifying birth defect. Naturally, he was still going to be without a home, and even children who recovered from disabilities have a harder time getting adopted the older they get.

The nurse caring for him ended up adopting him, more or less solving all of his problems individually. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since it tells a heartwarming story of compassion and healing against all odds.